General Practitioner: This doctor specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of illness in all age categories. This is typically the first physician that the patient sees. The general practitioner may refer the patient suffering from a binge eating disorder to other specialists for further treatment.

Psychiatrist: This doctor specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders using both therapy and medications. This doctor may prescribe drugs for eating or compulsive disorders.

Psychologist: This provider helps people with binge eating disorder control stress or mood problems. Anxiety, guilt and low self-esteem, along with a skewed perception of body image are also addressed. Treatment may also include education and support for the family of the person suffering from binge eating disorder.

Nutritionist: This provider formulates diet plans and makes recommendations for vitamins and supplements. Since those with eating disorders often have accompanying deficiencies, diet plans are crucial.

Endocrinologist: This doctor deals with the health, diagnosis, and treatment of hormonal system disorders such as thyroid imbalances, diabetes, and pituitary problems. A hormonal imbalance can cause dramatic weight loss or fluctuations and abnormal eating patterns.